Hi parents! We are so grateful for your decision to send your kids to camp, but we know it can cause some anxiety; maybe this is their first time away from home.  Know of our gratitude as you trust us with your greatest treasure. We like to assure you, they are well taken care of.

We encourage those hesitant to send their campers to spend time learning more about TYC, and ask others about their experiences with camp. It is an opportunity unlike those provided in religious ed classes or day-long retreats. Camp creates an environment entirely dedicated to kids in a faith filled setting, allowing them to build meaningful and lasting relationships on the foundation of faith and fun.

We believe it is so important to unplug our kids from the noise and distractions they encounter every day, and live technology free in a rustic setting to totally engage in their faith by living it in everything they do. 

A Day at Trinity Youth Camp – What to Expect

Each day holds unique opportunities and special memories for campers. For those who haven’t been to an outdoor camp before, you are in for a one-of-a-kind celebration of faith, friends, and fun. Below is a typical rundown of how our days progress.

  • Good Morning! Each day begins bright and early with the sound of heavenly bells to awaken us.
  • Breakfast and Morning Prayer include lots of songs and dance to kindle the fire in our souls.
  • Daily Mass is an important part of camp and campers participate in many ways: altar serve, bring up gifts, and greet everyone to Mass.
  • Daily sessions will fill the rest of the day and include recreation, arts and crafts, good news, sundries, and water activities.
  • Recreation time releases energy and helps us stay physically healthy. We’ll play kickball, capture the garage sale, and mutaka (a camp favorite version of dodge ball).
  • Arts and crafts is a time to be creative making special mementos to remind us of all the faith, friends and fun at TYC.
  • Good News is a time to learn more about our faith in an exciting setting with games, trivia, and music.
  • Sundries is a compilation of different activities. It generally includes reconciliation, time to get to know our camp priest and discuss vocations, opportunities to practice cooperation and team work.
  • Water activities includes swimming, boating, water trampolines, games and, depending on the location, a sauna and time to shower in the lake.
  • Canteen time allows campers a chance to buy snacks and socialize.
  • Cabin time is our much-needed down time after a busy day when you get to know your cabin mates and prepare for night time activities
  • Special activities, such as the Christ Hike, an egg hunt, skit night and a dance are just a few of the possible surprises we’re planning for you.
  • Campfires with lots of songs, dancing, s’mores, and other snacks before bed.