Hi campers! Welcome to Trinity Youth Camp! If this is your first time hearing about camp, welcome! I’m sure there is a lot you want to know. Check out this video to get the scoop! We couldn’t be more excited to see you at camp!

Trinity Youth Camp is a summer camp for students entering 4th-8th grade. Camp is 5 days long – and you’ll stay the night! So look over the packing list before you come. There are a variety of camp sessions in the summer – but we do the same things every week! Pick a date that works for you!

A Day at Trinity Youth Camp – What to Expect

Each day holds unique opportunities and special memories for campers. For those who haven’t been to an outdoor camp before, you are in for a one-of-a-kind celebration of faith, friends, and fun. Below is a typical rundown of how our days progress.

  • Good Morning! Each day begins bright and early with the sound of heavenly bells to awaken us.
  • Breakfast and Morning Prayer include lots of songs and dance to kindle the fire in our souls.
  • Daily Mass is an important part of camp and campers participate in many ways: alter serve, bring up gifts, and greet everyone to mass.
  • Daily sessions will fill the rest of the day and include recreation, arts and crafts, good news, sundries, and water activities.
  • Recreation time releases energy and helps us stay physically healthy. We’ll play kickball, capture the garage sale, and mutaka (a camp favorite version of dodge ball).
  • Arts and crafts is a time to be creative making special mementos to remind us of all the faith, friends and fun at TYC.
  • Good News is a time to learn more about our faith in an exciting setting with games, trivia, and music.
  • Sundries is a compilation of different activities. It generally includes reconciliation, time to get to know our camp priest and discuss vocations, opportunities to practice cooperation and team work.
  • Water activities includes swimming, boating, water trampolines, games and, depending on the location, a sauna and time to shower in the lake.
  • Canteen time allows campers a chance to buy snacks and socialize.
  • Cabin time is our much-needed down time after a busy day when you get to know your cabin mates and prepare for night time activities
  • Special activities, such as the Christ Hike, an egg hunt, skit night and a dance are just a few of the possible surprises we’re planning for you.
  • Campfires with lots of songs, dancing, s’mores, and other snacks before bed.