Campground Tours

Camp is a time for kids to unplug from the constant screen time and online connections, and have 5 days exclusively with each other and their faith. In this way, camp is intentionally rustic – some campsites more than others. We know this can cause some discomfort the first time away from home, so we wanted to let you know what each campsite had to offer!

Red Willow Bible Camp near Binford, North Dakota has 2 bath houses with showers and toilets for campers. The lake offers canoeing and paddle boating, but swimming takes place in the outdoor pool. All meals are served inside in the dining hall and an indoor gym is available during inclement weather. Mass is inside a beautiful white chapel with stained glass windows. Watch this video to take a look around! (Coming soon)

Camp of the Cross near Garrison, North Dakota is a happy medium. There are bathrooms in each cabin with campers who are staying in the lodge, but outhouses and troughs for those cabins on top of the hill. (Luck of the draw!) Campers have a bath house for showering. Swimming and boating are both fun activities in Lake Sakakawea! Mass is normally outdoors in the amphitheater or in the fire chapel. Watch this video for a tour! (Coming soon)

Camp Metigoshe on Pelican Lake is by far our most rustic camp experience (but certainly a staff favorite). Cabins have recently been remodeled with electricity, though we often don’t use it and send lanterns with our cabins in the evening. All bathrooms are large concrete outhouses, and campers brush their teeth and wash their face in the trough at night. Instead of showers, during swim time, campers sit in the sauna and sweat out their dirt before running into the lake to clean off. “Shampoo parties” have become a tradition among campers creating a large bubbly mess in the lake. Campers eat outside under the “Pelican Dome,” and mass is held in the outdoor amphitheater or the “Koinonia chapel.” Come see what Camp Metigoshe is all about!