Our Mission

“Trinity Youth Camp’s mission is to bring children of our Catholic faith together to rekindle within them the fire and love of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a natural camp environment, where they are accepted as they are, formed in our faith, and encouraged to further unfold the mystery of God.”

Trinity Youth Camp has always sought to reach as many children in faith as the spirit brought to us. From our humble beginnings, Annette and Dorothy have always followed the will and direction the Father has lead them. We believe renting from other campsites has brought us closer to more children than we could have imagined, but we also foresee Trinity Youth Camp becoming an independent campsite providing for the needs of both Fargo and Bismarck diocese in many capacities. We are in the early stages of this process but need the help and support of camp alumni and many others in our region to make this possible.

But more than that, we need your continued prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide our hand in the decisions we make each summer as camp continues to evolve, and we learn how to best serve the Catholic youth in our region. Annette and Dorothy have certainly set an incredible foundation for camp, and as they begin to entrust the future of camp with the next generation, your prayers are essential to keep us in line with the vision they will always have for camp.