COVID-19 Information

Due to COVID-19, some camp sites may still require the use of a mask while in certain spaces. Trinity Youth Camp will keep you updated with these policies before each camp session. It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED that your child brings a mask, and it is expected that all campers will abide by the rules established by each campsite we rent from. Trinity Youth Camp DOES NOT create these requirements, but we are required to respect the guidelines set forward by the campsites we graciously rent from. The relationships we have established with these campsites are the reason TYC even exists, and we wish to continue to foster these relationships with respect. Please conduct all conversations about these regulations with the utmost respect. (For reference, in 2021 campers were only required to wear a mask while going through the food line at meal times.)

As regulations continue to change, we will keep you updated on the expectations for each camping experience. We are optimistic the end of this pandemic is in sight and celebrate the opportunity to continue to have camp each summer.